John McCain is a Dying Hero — Trump Supporters Want him in Prison — By: Brian Krassenstein

John McCain is a Dying Hero — Trump Supporters Want him in Prison — By: Brian Krassenstein

I’m going to make this incredibly brief.  Today, as you know, the media picked up on the fact that long-time Republican Senator and war hero, John McCain, admitted that he was the one to turn over the Steele dossier to the director of the FBI at the time, James Comey.  To anyone with half a brain, regardless if you believe that the contents of the dossier are a “fake news hoax” or entirely accurate, when a U.S. Senator is handed a document alleging that a Presidential candidate is conspiring with a hostile foreign nation in order to undermine our democracy, there is ONLY one thing to do, turn it over to the freaking FBI!

While I personally have yet to see even one claim found within the Steele dossier discredited, even if every single claim was false, McCain’s actions show that he is a man of integrity and honor, and he will go down in history for just that.

Today, while reading the comments on a tweet from conservative media personality, Chuck Woolery I literally felt like I was going to vomit, thinking about Senator McCain and his family at this incredibly difficult time in their lives. I want to put these comments front and center along with the names of these disgusting individuals (at least their comments are disgusting in my opinion) so that when Trump goes down, and McCain gets the honor he deserves, perhaps after his death, these idiots are immortalized online for eternity:

Curt Kemper said: “It is treason and he should be charged for it. Unfortunately the agency that would do it is busy chasing their tails with the fake dossier.”

Beverly Meares said: “What a pathetic petty jealous hate filled old man!”

Gary A Wagner said: “TREASONOUS”

Cindy said: “He needs to be held accountable for this mess….oh wait I think God is taking care of that soon!”

Tom McComb said: “His hatred of the President is greater than his respect for America. RESIGN.”

Chris G said: “What a horrible person McCain has become. I feel for his family. He is humiliating them and has tarnished the name for future generations. My vote for him is one that I will always regret.”

Yes America, this is what’s wrong with us. Many of the people supporting our president are wretched human beings.